How To Create Playlist In Using JW Player

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can create playlist using JW Player. As I told in my last post that few readers asked me how they can create Playlist using JW Player and how they can host files of JW Player in Google code. So in last post I told you how you can host files in Google code and if you want to know how to use and earn from JW Player Click here.

To make a playlist using JW Player you need to have an XML file where you will put all the videos link of your playlist.
Here how you can create JW Player Playlist XML file
1.       Open notepad in your computer
2.       Copy the below code
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<playlist version='1' xmlns=''>

      <title>Video Name</title>
      <location>Video URL</location>
      <annotation>Video Description</annotation>
      <duration>Video Length (Time)</duration>

Now copy the bold portion and paste it after </track> as much time you want (as much video will be in a playlist)
3.       Now change few things
i)        Video Name With the name of the video
ii)       Video URL with the URL of the video
iii)     Video Description With the video description
iv)     Video Length (Time) with the video length
Note: – Every time put different Name, URL, Description and Length
4.       After you made the playlist save that file
i)        Press Crtl+S (for save option)
ii)       Now change the Save as type: from Text Documents (*.txt) to All files (*.*)

iii)     An give the name of the file and after the name give .xml
iv)     Then click Save button
5.       Now upload this file to Google code hosting server or on your hosting server
To know how to upload file to Google code click here.
Here how you can make playlist using JW Player
1.       Go to –> Click on Design for the following blog –> Edit HTML
2.       Find the </head> tag
3.       Just before the end of head tag place the below code (if you haven’t place this code before for JW Player)

4.      Now place the below code where you want to
display your JW Player Playlist

<div name='jwppl1' id='jwppl1'>
<script type="text/javascript"> 
var so = new SWFObject
(' ','single'
so.addVariable('plugins', 'ltas,gapro-1,googlytics-1,fbit-1');
so.addVariable('','AdSolution ID');
so.addVariable('gapro.accountid','Google Analytics ID');
Change the following things before you place the code:
a)      Change The Longtail Video AdSolution ID
Change the AdSolution ID with your Longtail Video AdSolution ID and if you don’t have the AbSolution ID then you can sign up for free, to know how to signup Click Here . Or if you don’t want to show ads just remove this entire line ( so.addVariable('', 'AdSolution ID'); )
b)      Change the Google Analytics ID whit your ID (ID is something like UA-XXXXXXXX-XX)
c)       Change the playlist.xml with your Playlist XML file
d)      Change the image.jpg with your preview image URL (it it not necessary if you are using YouTube video URL)
There is a facebook share button plugin I have given if you want to remove it just remove the ,fbit-1 from this line so.addVariable(‘plugins’, ‘ltas,gapro-1,googlytics-1,fbit-1‘); .
Note: – If you want to add two player in one page then change the 1 in jwppl1 (in 1st line and in last 2nd line) with 2 in 2nd player, if you want to add three player then change it with 3 in 3rd player and so on.
Here is a demo of how JW Player Play will look like

If you are having problem in viewing the Demo Playlist Click here.

Hope it will help you in creating JW Player Playlist, if you have any question or problem let me know

History Of The Internet

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Today this post I will show you History of the Internet. Instead of saying much, let see the Timeline Infographic and a video on History of the Internet.

Here is a video on more insight about History of the Internet.

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Find The Correct Logo Of The Websites You Visit Most Frequently

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Today in this post I will check the site you visit frequently do you remember there logo. In daily life you visit few site very frequently and you there same logo every time but did you ever took a close look to the logo? Let see how well do you know

Go to and wait for few seconds then you will see a Start! button in the place of Loading… button click on it and start your test.

Please if the results break your heat (like mine) then don’t feel bad. Eve I couldn’t able to answer the Google’s and Facebook logo incorrect 🙁

You can have for types of logo quiz
1.       Web Logos 1
2.       Web Logos 2
3.       TV Logos
4.       Car Logos

YouTube Launched A New Feature Called “Trends Dashboard”

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Today in this post I will tell you about YouTube’s new feature called Trends Dashboard. YouTube new feature Trends, you can see it in two type of trends Most Shared and Most Viewed. In Most Shared you will see which videos are being shared most on Facebook and Twitter in last 24hrs and in Most Viewed Continue reading YouTube Launched A New Feature Called “Trends Dashboard”

Link YouTube Videos To A Specific Time

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Today in this post I will tell your how you can give your friends a YouTube link which will start from where you want them to see. Once it happened with me that I wanted to show a YouTube video to my friends but in that video the starting 60 seconds were boring part which I wasn’t interested to show Continue reading Link YouTube Videos To A Specific Time

How To Use And Earn From JW Player In Your Blog

[This article was updated on 6th February, 2012]

Few days back one of my reader asked me how I use JW Player in my blog as he also wanted add JW Player to play videos in his blog, then I thought to write an article on it so everyone can learn about it. LongTail Video is a leading company behind the JW Player Continue reading How To Use And Earn From JW Player In Your Blog

Play Songs From YouTube Without Using Your Web Browser

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In this post I will tell you, how you can listen YouTube songs without touching your web browser. Suppose you were working on something and you want to listen some songs while working but currently you don’t have those songs (you want to listen) in your PC. And for sure shot you will get it on YouTube but each time you have to go to YouTube, search for the song and then play it. So here is the simple solution, you can use Quisple.

It will help you in listen any songs directly from YouTube. Download Quisple and install it in your PC (you might need .NET Framework, if it is not installed in your PC) after you have installed the Quisple. Open it and type song name which ever song you want to listen, it will search on YouTube and play the 1st result from the search results.

The down side is it doesn’t convert the YouTube video into audio file, it stream the video from the YouTube and hide the video part it and only plays the audio. If you have a slow internet connection and you face problem in viewing the YouTube videos while streaming then Quisple might be a bad idea to use.

Quisple makes a playlist of the last 10 (default you can change it) songs you have listen. It also have the Always on Top option in settings. To change the settings click on i at the bottom-right corner of the player. If you want to see the video of the currently playing song click on the YouTube icon at the bottom-left corner of the player it will open the window in your default web browser.