Add Custom Robots Header Meta Tags In Your Blogger Blog

Blogger’s new Search preference allows you to set header response meta data for robots, which is somewhat similar to robots.txt. Using header meta data you can control if your blog’s homepage, posts and pages or archive and search pages will it get index by search engines, search engines will follow links or not, page will get cache or not, etc.

So if you want to know how to set custom header meta data so that you can optimize your blog with better SEO you want, here how you can:

Note: – This post is only for those who knows a bit about SEO

  1. Go to Blogger in Draft dashboard
  2. From More option drop-down, select Settings
  3. Blogger - More option drop-down select Settings

  4. Then click on Search preferences from left column
  5. Now edit and enable Custom robots header tags option
  6. Set the settings according to your need
  7. All: "all" is the equivalent to "index, follow"
    NoIndex:The page will not get indexed in search engine
    NoFollow: Bots will not follow any link in page
    None: "none" is the equivalent to "noindex, nofollow"
    NoArchive: Page will not get cache
    NoSnippet: It will not let Google display snippet in search result page
    NoODP: it will not let Google display description from ODP (Open Directory Project)
    NoTranslate: It will not let Google Translator to translate your webpage
    NoImageIndex: No image will get index from that page
    Unavailable_After: It will tell search bots that, that page will not be available after that date
  8. Then click on Save change button
  9. Blogger - Search preferences - Custom robots header tags

Now those settings will get set to the respective type of pages for which you have given. For instance of you have set NoFollow and NoTranslate for posts and pages then all links in posts and pages will not be followed and will also not get translated by Google.

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