How To Easily Change User Agent String In Google Chrome

If you are developer or designer you always need to test your website in different web browser if it’s working fine or not. As in Safari we have an option in their developer menu to change user agent so that we can test our website in different web browser and platform, similarly now Google also added an option to change user agent in their Chrome web browser. In Google Chome Using iPad iOS 5 User Agent

Here the steps to change user-agent in Google Chrome

  1. Open Developer Tool/Inspect Element by pressing F12 button(from your keyboard) or Right-Click (from your mouse) and select Inspect Element
  2. Now click on Gear icon Google Chrome - Inspect Element - Gear Icon from bottom-right corner of Developer Tool
  3. Then select Override User Agent check box and from drop-don select the browser name you would like to use
  4. Google Chrome - Inspect Element -- Override User Agent

Now open any webpage and it will use that browser user agent string to browse. That user agent string will become your default user agent string till you deselect that Override User Agent check box. You will also able to give a custom user agent string by selecting Other… from drop-down and mention the string in text box.