How To Remotely Access Your Home Computer From Anywhere With TeamViewer

Recently TeamViewer released their new version TeamViewer 7, which has lots of great new features. Now it lets you access your computer from anywhere in the world. If you urgently need to go on a business trip and have a flight within 3 hours but there are lots of data available in your home computer which you might need in that business trip but you don’t have time to backup those data in your laptop so what you will do?

You don’t have worry because now in TeamViewer 7 you can remotely access your computer from anywhere, without anyone needed in front of your computer. All you need to do is install latest version of TeamViewer in your home computer, here how you can:-

  1. Go to TeamViewer website and download the latest version of it
  2. After downloading gets completed, run that exe file
  3. Now TeamViewer setup window will open
  4. There you select Show advance settings check box, then click on Next > button
  5. TeamViewer - Show advance settings

  6. Select the radio button according to your need then click on Next > button
  7. Now tick both the check box then click on Next > button
  8. Select Yes radio button then again click on Next > button
  9. TeamViewer - Yes

  10. Select Full access radio button then click on Next > button
  11. TeamViewer - Full access

  12. Again click on Next > button
  13. Now select the where you would like to save it in your computer (recommended not to do change anything) then click on Next > button
  14. Then click on Finish button

Now TeamViewer is installed in your computer.  Just one more setup is left and you are ready to go. Here what you need to do:-

  1. After installing Unattended access window will open (if it didn’t open from top menu bar click on Connection –> Setup Unattended access…)
  2. TeamViewer - Connection -- Setup Unattended access…

  3. Click on Next > button
  4. Give Computer name, Password and Conform password (both password will be same using and this password will be use in access your computer from different computer)
  5. Click on Next > button
  6. TeamViewer - Define predefined password

  7. If you have an account in TeamViewer or you can sign-up for a new one (if you want) else click on I don’t want to create a TeamViewer account now
  8. Click on Next > button and then Click on Finish button
  9. TeamViewer - Add this computer to Computers & Contacts

From now whenever your computer will start TeamViewer will automatically get started. So if you are not in front of your computer all you need is to ask someone to start your computer and connect it with internet, then all you need to do is open TeamViewer in your laptop and give your home computer TeamViewer ID and the password that you have given in step 3.

Note: – It will not work without installing TeamViewer in your computer.